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Securing the Jungle's Future One Acre at a Time

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The Osa Peninsula is home to over 50% of Costa Rica's biodiversity, representing a remarkable 1.25% of the entire world's biodiversity. However, rapid development and habitat fragmentation are putting this incredible diversity at serious risk. Immediate action is essential to protect this unique and vital ecosystem from irreversible damage.

Buying the rainforest is the most effective way to ensure its protection and preservation. By purchasing these critical lands, we can safeguard them from the relentless threats of deforestation, development, and over-exploitation. Ownership allows us to implement strict conservation measures, maintain natural habitats, protect against illegal activity, and foster biodiversity.


Expanding protected areas allows for natural population growth, reduces the risk of inbreeding, and ensures that these species can roam freely, finding the resources they need to survive.



Support The Behind the Vines Foundation and take immediate action with us by joining one of our projects here on the Osa!

URGENT primary rainforest purchase







We urgently need your support to purchase a crucial area of primary rainforest and prevent habitat fragmentation and degradation, which threatens over 50 endangered species. This piece of land is the connection between 3 federally protected areas.


Our board members cover all operating costs, ensuring that 100% of your donation goes directly towards acquiring and protecting rainforest land.

Wildlife monitoring

Cost to run each camera

$190 per month

Number of cameras running


Footage of elusive species


Implementing camera trap monitoring systems on our reserve is crucial for accurately and efficiently tracking wildlife populations, their territories, and behaviors. These discreet devices enable us to collect vital data on elusive and nocturnal species that are typically difficult to observe. Through continuous monitoring of various animal presences and activities, we can identify trends in population dynamics, detect changes in habitat use, and assess ecosystem health. This invaluable information allows us to make informed conservation decisions, evaluate the effectiveness of our protection efforts, and contribute to broader scientific research. Ultimately, camera traps are an essential tool in our mission to preserve biodiversity and maintain the ecological integrity of our reserve.

Community job support

Resume workshops 

Job Placement Assistance

Interview Preparation Sessions

Career Counseling and Mentorship

Skills Training Programs

Networking Events and Job Fairs

Supporting local community members in securing jobs in ecotourism through resume improvement and career guidance is a crucial strategy for environmental protection. By empowering locals with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in ecotourism, we create a sustainable economic alternative that incentivizes the preservation of natural resources. This shift reduces reliance on environmentally damaging activities, such as logging and unsustainable farming, by providing viable and attractive livelihood options. Furthermore, as local residents become more engaged in ecotourism, they develop a deeper appreciation for their environment, transforming them into active stewards of conservation.

100% of your money goes to buying and protecting rainforest land.

Our Board members and other supporters cover our operating costs, so you can give knowing your whole gift will protect rainforests.

We are a registered 501(c)(3), all donations are tax deductible. 

EIN 93-3698003


The establishment of partnerships with other conservation organizations has amplified our impact, enabling collaborative efforts to safeguard the rich biodiversity of the Osa Peninsula. Through dedicated research and community engagement, we continue to make strides in protecting these vital ecosystems for future generations. We have played a pivotal role in identifying critical habitats and facilitating the protection of endangered species. By involving local communities in our conservation efforts and providing education on sustainable practices, we have fostered a culture of environmental stewardship. Our initiatives have not only preserved biodiversity but have also created opportunities for local eco-tourism, supporting economic growth while promoting conservation.

Our biological reserve contains:

Acres of primary rainforest

We are currently protecting as a reserve

Threatened species 

live in the area that we are protecting 

Insect species

and more still being identified on the Osa and within our protected land

Tree species

Native, endemic, rare, and threatened tree species

ocelot in the rainforest osa peninsula

The Behind the Vines Foundation invites you to witness our rainforest conservation efforts firsthand. Walk through our primary rainforest reserves on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, and see the endangered species we protect. We proudly show you the tangible impact of our conservation efforts. Come and experience the majestic beauty of the land we've saved, and be a part of our mission to preserve even more rainforest lands for future generations.

Partners and Donors

The Jaguar's Jungle Lodge

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